Auditions for Looking For the Little Mouse
(Staged Reading)

Looking For the Little Mouse: A Family Musical
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Michael Maricondi

Trust Your Gut Productions, LLC, is seeking non-union actors local to the Greater New Haven Area for a staged reading of Looking For the Little Mouse.  After a three-month smash run in Paris and Morocco, the new English translation of this fantastic new musical is ready for its American premiere this summer!

In the far away country of France, Bastien has just lost his last tooth and is waiting impatiently for the Little Mouse (the Tooth Fairy) to come and give him his keep.  But when a human-sized rat arrives and tells him that The Little Mouse has been captured by the new evil queen, Bastien must embark on an adventure to save her!


Bastien (LEAD, male or female.  Treble/Soprano to play 8 years old).  Bastien is an intrepid and precocious young lad who has just lost his last tooth.  Wise-cracker and fearless.

Pépère (SUPPORTING, male.  Baritone/Baritenor to play 30's).  The husband to Mémère.  A wannabe revolutionary who is as brave as wife's temper is short.  This rat is always hatching plans.  The protector-type.

Mémère (SUPPORTING, female.  Mezzo Soprano to play 30's).  An "adorable apothecary whose potions sputter and spurt but just don't work).  A revolutionary rat like her husband, but with a very short-temper.  Hot-headed and completely in love.

The Queen/Irene/The Little Mouse (LEAD, female.  Belter/Soprano to play teens).  A young and entirely too overweight mouse who has taken over the Queendom of Rodents.  With her magic cheese sceptre, she is able to turn anyone who opposes her into cheese.  Also doubles as Bastien's mother and the Little Mouse.  Physical comedy a must.

Scorbute/Jack (SUPPORTING, male.  Baritone/Tenor to play 60's).  An old mole who has served as handman under the Little Mouse and now the Evil Queen.  He is terrified of practically everything and can barely see as far as his nose.  Physical comedy a must.

Please send headshots, resumés, and performance reels to Note your name and the role in which you are interested in the subject line. Auditions will be mid-summer and will consist of acting and musical sides from the show. Local actors are preferred. 

Auditions for When Push Comes to Shove
(2016-2017 School Year Tour)

When Push Comes to Shove: A New Youth Musical
Book and Lyrics by Rachel Bloom and Michael Maricondi
Music by Michael Maricondi
Directed by Dana Sachs

Trust Your Gut Productions, LLC, is seeking diverse, multi-ethnic, non-union performers for its touring production of When Push Comes to Shove: A New Youth Musical. Production will tour to schools, community centers, and religious organizations during the 2016-2017 school year. All cast positions are paid. We are very interested in candidates possessing their own vehicle and daytime availabilities (as most performances will take place during schooldays)

When Push Comes to Shove is a 45-minute musical geared towards engendering discussions about bullying and is followed by a Talk-Back with the actors. Performers will receive Talk-Back training; an invaluable skill-set which benefits performers of all types.

Synopsis: Jared is the friendliest student at Greenville Elementary School where he'll be starting third grade in Miss Finkelstein's class. His best friend, Danii, and a new friend, New Kid, are there, too, and everything seems to be on track for the best year ever...until Jessie moves to Greenville from Alaska with the force to derail it all! How will Jared and his friends deal with this new dynamic? What is a bully? And what's the best thing to do, When Push Comes to Shove?


Jared (LEAD. Male, Tenor, to play 8 y/o): Friendly, positive, and outgoing. Jared wants the best for his friends and his school and is always willing to help a new kid around. Huge sticker fan.

Danii (SUPPORTING. Female, Mezzo w/belt, to play 8 y/o) A bit of a tomboy, Danii's claim to fame is her older brother's reputation as quarterback of the Greenville Fighting Antelopes. Though she has more bark than bite, we quickly learn not to cross her. Loves to crack a good joke.

New Kid (SUPPORTING. Male, Baritenor, to play 8 y/o) The new kid at Greenville Elementary. If it really existed, he would be attending Hogwarts, as he is a huge Harry Potter fan. A bit nerdy, he takes a little longer than the others to acclimate to his new environment and quickly becomes a target for Greenville's new threat, Jessie. Experience with physical comedy strongly encouraged.

Jessie (LEAD. Female, Mezzo w/belt, to play 9 y/o) The new new kid at Greenville elementary. Jessie takes no nonsense from anyone. Having just moved from Alaska, she is resistant to making new friends and has no qualms about pushing others away.

Miss Finkelstein (SUPPORTING. Male/Female, Countertenor/High Soprano to play 40's) Miss Finkelstein is the well-meaning but often overworked third grade teacher. Though she seems a bit flighty at times, she cares deeply for her students and is always ready to offer advice and guidance. (Also doubles as Miss Pickelbergher, the lunchlady)

Please send headshots, resumés, and performance reels to Note your name and the role in which you are interested in the subject line. Auditions will be in late spring/early summer and will consist of acting and musical sides from the show. Local actors are preferred.